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     Gallery Seventeen

Most of the Cathey Family met in Estes Park, CO at the Tahara Mountain Lodge for Christmas.

     Gallery Eighteen

Joe got his new Prius, Tobar the Hybrid Car.

     Gallery Fifteen

Academy of Friends AIDS Fundraiser

     Gallery Sixteen

We took a trip to Pacific Grove to celebrate Gordon's 60th Birthday.

     Gallery Thirteen

Our trip to Cape May to vacation with Joe's family

     Gallery Fourteen

It may only last until next Tuesday, when the court invalidates it, but if the city of San Francisco is going to allow us to get Married, We Are There!

     Gallery Eleven

Some pictures of our fund-raising walks with TEAM EA, AIDSWalk and 'Race for a Cure'

     Gallery Twelve

My cousin Helen visited Calastoga, so I joined her and her friends in Napa Valley.

     Gallery Nine

We met up with the annual campers from Lodi in the Yosemite Valley. Well, Tim and I camped and Joe did the Ahwahnee!

     Gallery Ten

Mostly pictures of Joe's nephew, Tim in and around San Francisco, after he moved in with us from New Jersey.

     Gallery Seven

We took Irene & Peggy down the coast to see Hearst Castle and Carmel

     Gallery Eight

Our first Christmas at Le Condo.

     Gallery Five

Some travel pics.

     Gallery Six

Christmas Dinner at Joe and Bobs.

     Gallery Three

Pictures of some of our family and some close friends.

     Gallery Four

Babysitting our buddy, Luc Himes.

     Gallery One

The original first attempt at posting some pictures.

     Gallery Two

The way we were.  A few VERY old pictures of us.  We've changed.