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Updated 04/10/06


Joe sold his “precious”!


But Joe bought “Tobar” the Hybrid Car!


Bob sold his “precious”!

But Bob bought “Dude” the Tahoe Runner!



Parking in the City:  Joe has the "Parking Karma" for sure.  We thought it was just “Otto the BMW 540i’s” parking karma, but it continues with Tobar the Hybrid Car.  But only when Joe is driving!  It has become so comical, how often Joe drives right up and parks immediately outside of where we are going, that I have begun to collect pictures of the events.  Joe doesn't even have to circle the block looking for spaces!  Most of us San Franciscan's have to drive around for half an hour searching and then we are usually blocks away from where we want to be.  If you are from San Francisco, this collection of photographs might make you sick. (Click to view Joe's Parking Karma)


Interesting park jobs:  San Francisco has a horrible shortage of parking spaces.  Most drivers go to amazing extremes to grab any space that they see.  But no matter how big the space is, some people just can't parallel park.  So, we often look out of our window and laugh out loud when we see a person trying repeatedly to fit a compact car into a space big enough to fit two Lincolns into. 


When I saw this guy park I was so amazed that I had to take a picture of it!  The silver car in the center was the last car to park!  He fit that car into that space in less than 30 seconds... zip, zip, zip.  Then he got out and got his briefcase from the trunk. ;-)


(click to view larger image) 


St James

St James Episcopal  is a cute little parish just walking distance from our home.  We have been on a couple of trips with the youth group to Ashland, OR for the Shakespeare Festival.  We also get up to Highland Ranch a lot for the vestry retreats because Joe is the treasurer for the parish.


Pictures from the Vestry Retreat at Highland Ranch, coming soon.



We like to get out to Las Vegas as often as possible and every May we try to meet up with Gordon and Pat while they are there.  Looks like we will be able to do that again this year, so I am practicing up on my Black Jack!


We will be spending a lot of our vacation time up in our new mountain house in Lake Tahoe, The Boca Del Kujo.  We have begun to rent it out for weekly rentals.  You can see the before and after pics and find a link to our rental site on our main page.


We also love to go places that we have not been before!  If you are interested in meeting up with us somewhere, contact BobCat@BobJoe.com